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Parrot Bill has been performing Parrot Shows with his incredibly well trained Parrots from Key West, Florida Sunset Celebration working the circuit north to Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. Parrot on ScooterDemonstrating everywhere he goes the high level of intelligence and problem solving abilities Parrots naturally have. His experience has proven that Parrots learn quickly and the bond is stronger through training than if let to do what ever they want. Now he’s written an ebook to help others build a stronger relationship with their birds as he has with his.

Now Parrot Bill is very excited about his new ebook Bird Training Guides and believes they will be a big hit among pet bird owners everywhere. First there is "Clicker Training Made Easy" for the serious Bird Trainer. Then there is the "Buy the Trick Series" for those who don't want to spend a lot of money and only want to train their bird a few easy tricks. Then last but not least, we have the "Free Beginner's Guide" to help any new bird owner get started and it has tips that any bird owner can use. Hey, you do the math, the Free Beginner's Bird Guide is Free. But "Clicker Training Made Easy" is where you will find bird training tips that are in no other bird training manual, such as flying behaviors.

Parrot Bill has trained Parrots and done bird shows for over 23 years and has a lot of training advice to offer in all 6 Bird Training ebook manuals. Clicking on the link below will take you to the Bird Training Guides page.

Anyone can do it with any bird, all it takes is Parrot Bill's instructional ebooks and very little time and effort. He instructs you with the fastest easiest to understand training methods, so success will come to you both very quickly. A Parrot can learn to play Basketball in as little as 15 minutes to a half hour with these training methods. Learn to talk to your bird in a language it understands and build a stronger bond with your feathered buddy using... "Clicker Training Made Easy"

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